GE Photoflash Lamps

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1952 GE Flashbulbs

Shown here is a box of vintage GE Photoflash Lamps. The researchers at General Electric invented the technology for the Photoflash in 1930. Flashbulbs replaced flash powder that, until then, was the only way to light a shot as a photo was being taken.

These are GE Photoflash #5 lamps, designed for the amateur photographer. This particular package is from about 1952. GE’s ads described them as “packaged sunlight”, allowing the photographer to “create just the effect you want, anywhere, anytime, day or night”. As online blogs show, these bulbs are still used by amateur photographers today, and can be found at online auction sites, like eBay.

Manufactured by:
General Electric
Cleveland, Ohio

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Last updated: Apr 16, 2010
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