Great Gift Card And Coffee Mug Combos As Gift Starter Ideas

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We have some unique gift ideas that start with a cool coffee mug and gift card combo. To help you out, we’re suggesting more themed gift additions to result in a customized gift that they’re sure to love.

The mugs shown here are just a few from the huge selection of mugs we carry. Gift cards and other items would be things that you supply since we don’t sell them. Any item mentioned with a hyperlink to click through to would be something we sell. You set a budget and decide how much extra stuff you’d like to add on to complete these very cool gift ideas.

We put together a few of the endless possibilities for gift combo themes to spark your gift giving inspiration:


Handyman Mug Gift Idea


  • We love this idea for a Dad who is a handyman or would like to be one. Help Dad out with a variety tools he can use around the house (or some to replace the ones you may have borrowed and never returned), a Home Depot gift card and this motivational coffee mug to keep him going until the job’s done. We added a set of our Not Very Dangerous Novelty Pens that look a lot like real tools. The Get Shit Done Mug and the cool Dad’s Fix-It Shop Sign are also ours—the rest you supply.


Dog Owner Gift Idea


  • Dog owners who treat their pets like family will love this gift! An awesome Dog Tricks Coffee Mug and Petco gift card get things started. Then we added dog treats, a brush and one of our Hot Dog Squeaky Chew Toys, along with a ball for catch and a variety of chew sticks tucked into the mug. This gift is sure to make both the dog and owner very happy indeed!


Theater Mugs Gift Idea



Video Gamer Gift Idea


    • This suggestion is for the video gamer in your life. To add to the Game Controller Mug, the natural gift card choice is a GameStop gift card (and you know they’re going to love that!) We added our Man Cave Arcade Wall Decal (they’re removable, so they’re perfect for dorm rooms). We also added a Red Bull energy drink and lots of munchies (including a bag of our own Old Time Penny Candy) for those late-night gaming sessions!


The mugs shown here are just a few of the hundreds of coffee mugs we offer at Retro Planet. And these work for all kinds of occasions; like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, graduations or any other special day. We also carry thousands of other items you can purchase from us to put together your own thoughtful gift idea combinations.

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Last updated: Nov 13, 2015
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