Guinness Milkshake

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Guinness ShakeI’m a sucker for trying just about anything new, even if it sounds kind of gross. When my husband and I heard about the Guinness Shake at Red Robin, we both went, “What???” Now, Joe is also a taster of all kinds of weird things (he had to try all the Harry Potter Jelly Bellies when they came out—including soap and other questionable flavors). He did not, however, want to order a milkshake made with beer.

But I did, and when it came, it looked quite tasty. Kind of malty and thick, and I thought, “Okay, how bad can it be?”

I totally understand now why the server told us, “It’s a love it or hate it thing. Customers either love it and can’t stand it.” Joe and I both were customers of the latter.

I’d forgot that we’d even tried that shake, which also called for Jameson Irish Whiskey and chocolate ice cream, until, during a Guinness search on the internet, I found this recipe from Guy Fieri. I won’t be making it, but if you’re a lover of all things dark stout, let me know what you think.

Me? I’ll stick with plain ole Guinness. My goodness, why mess with it?

Irish Beer Glasses

I think I’ll stick to ordering my beer like this…


Last updated: Sep 28, 2013
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