Hack the LACK Table with Retro Decals

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Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA’s claim to fame is its simple, streamlined decor that’s both elegant and affordable. These qualities make IKEA furniture perfect for upcycling and DIY projects!

Take the LACK side table. If you look online, you’ll see people hacking the LACK in all kinds of cool and creative ways. After all, the table offers a 21” surface that’s nothing less than a blank canvas screaming “Decorate me!”

Well, we listened! We recently introduced a line of beautiful furniture decals sized to exactly fit a LACK table. These peel-and-stick graphics are a simple hack that adds color and personality to your LACK. They’re made of laminated, matte finish vinyl that will stand up to daily use as a side table or mini coffee table. Cleaning is a snap, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Our LACK table graphics include 50s patterns, floral art, vintage game boards, wine bottles, designs for kids rooms, and more. The table graphics featured here are just a sampling of the many new designs that are available. Check out our online store to see which design suits your style and personality!



LACK Modern Waves Design

50s Waves Pattern Teal IKEA LACK Table Graphic







Wine Bottles LACK Decal

Wine Bottles Merlot Riesling IKEA LACK Table Graphic







You Are Loved LACK Decal

Twinkle How Loved You Are IKEA LACK Table Graphic







LACK Tile Decal

Folkloric Heart Pattern IKEA LACK Table Graphic







Checkerboard Table Decal

Checker Board IKEA LACK Table Graphic







Blue Flower LACK Decal

Hope Flowers Aqua IKEA LACK Table Graphic







Car Tabletop Decal

Car Fingerpainting IKEA LACK Table Graphic







Cabin Inspired Table Decal

Pines and Deer Rustic Cabin IKEA LACK Table Graphic

Last updated: Jun 17, 2016
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