Handmade Mold Blown Glass Tiki Mugs by Andrew Iannazzi

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Iannazzi Mugs

A gorgeous Andrew Iannazzi handmade glass tiki mug featured with the mold that was used to make it.


Andrew Iannazzi first began glassblowing during his college days in New York, then later moved on to work at several facilities all across the United States. During that time, he mastered the craft of both off-hand and traditional mold-blowing techniques which he continues to use to this day. While much of his work draws on historical Italian and Swedish design, some of his best pieces are made in the vein of popular American imagery. As purveyors of rest and relaxation and connoisseurs of all things vintage, we love his one-of-a-kind tiki mugs the most!


Warrior Mug

Tribal Warrior Tropical Tiki Mug in Blue-Purple Glass


At Retro Planet, we believe that any tropical drink tastes better in a tiki mug. The better the mug, the better the drink, and without a doubt these beauties are top of the line. All of Iannazzi’s ultra-detailed creations are handmade in his studio workshop located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Each character, from the stoic tribal warrior to the mysterious Easter Island Moai, is a little different. Slight variations in size, volume, and color marks each character with their own personality. Talk about unique!


Moai Mug

Moai Easter Island Tiki Mug in Lava Red Glass


Tribal God Mug

Tribal Tiki God Tiki Mug in Blue Glass


Each mug holds about 16 oz. of your favorite tropical drink and feels right at home in any Hawaiian tiki bar, Polynesian cocktail lounge, or current tiki mug collection. So, whether you are looking to fill your cupboard or stock up for a seasonal beach bash, these are sure to please!


Moai Mug Purple

Moai Easter Island Head Tiki Mug Blue-Purple Glass


Red Tiki God

Tribal God Tropical Tiki Mug Lava Red Glass


Tribal Warrior Blue

Tribal Warrior Tropical Tiki Mug Blue Glass


Got something to say about these brand-spankin’ new mugs? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!


Last updated: Oct 13, 2017
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