Hats off to Nello Ferrara and Atomic Fireballs

Retro Staff Comments

We at Retro Planet were saddened to hear of the recent death of Nello Ferrara, inventor of one of our favorite retro candies, Atomic Fireballs. The former head of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company – which also produces Boston Baked Beans and Lemonheads – Ferrara came up with the idea to make a spicy candy after working as a lawyer in postwar Japan. His creation, Atomic Fireballs, hit the market like a bomb in 1954. Since then, millions of kids and adults have enjoyed the delicious, mouth-scorching flavor of those red-hot cinnamon balls. So get yourself some Fireballs and join us in saluting Nello Ferrara, a visionary candy man whose fiery legacy will never be extinguished!

1950s Retro Candy Mix with Atomic Fireballs