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Rotting Corpse, Skeleton and Pumpkins

Before the lights went off…

It’s no secret. My husband and I love Halloween. We love hosting parties, decorating the house, and scaring unsuspecting souls (within reason, of course!). So it just made sense to throw a spooky bash for our dear friends. Twenty-three of them.

Throwing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of decorative items you can make for pennies, and if you make the food part of the decor? Bonus!

Note: Though we’d planned this party for weeks, the decorating was last minute due to a new kitty cat and us not knowing if she’d vie to play with all the creepy things.

For the decor we used black tablecloths, inexpensive spider webbing and black light bulbs to (hopefully) give an eerie effect. Over the years we have amassed some ghoulish things, including half a corpse, so we set those throughout the party areas (which included our living room, dining room and kitchen, and back porch).

Chips in Cauldron

We served homemade tortilla chips out of a cauldron…

When it comes to food, I make everything… but you could just as easily open a box and pop fun foods in the oven. Either way, placement and “titles” helps keep things “spooky”. Our menu included:

  • Ghost brains (white cheddar mac & cheese)
  • Werewolf guts (meat & cheese dip)
  • Albino bat ears (white corn tortilla chips)
  • Alien guts (spinach and veggie dip)
  • Zombie eyeballs (decorated cake balls)

And plenty of other things, including a coffin cake. I made it using a specialty 3D pan from Wilton. Wilton’s high-end Dimensions pans are not cheap, but much like the various kitchen tools that were once my grandmother’s, they are made to last a lifetime. The results, even on my first try, were quite impressive.

Skeleton in a Coffin Cake

In daylight: I piped some royal icing on some of the cake to glow under the black light.

That’s a chocolate skeleton cake, and I used Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” recipe. It creates a deliciously moist, not-to-sweet, cake.

For the “eyeballs” and other cake balls, I used my standard recipe for making cake pops, but rolled them larger and hand-dipped them so they wouldn’t be too even.

Cake Ball Eyeballs

After rolling the cake balls in white chocolate, I applied a candy eye. I used a toothpick dipped in red food coloring for the bloodshot lines.

I’d love to say that under the black lights everything looked super awesome. Unfortunately, the cheap ones we bought weren’t enough. Next time we’ll get the fluorescent ones, which should provide a much better effect.

Black Light Food Area

We angled standard black light bulbs. Fluorescent would have definitely been better.

Though, I still think the cake looked pretty cool…

Cake Under Black Light

The cake under the black light.

I also made some of the glass jar luminaries, but I failed to take pictures of them before we took it all down.

Our spooky bash was lots of fun, and we finally turned off the outside spinning lights and strobe light at about, well, 6 a.m. I won’t tell you how late I slept in the next day. But I will share a picture of our beautiful, 15-year-old dog, Luna, who was finally waking up the following late afternoon.

Luna After the Bash

Luna was dog-tired after a night of spooky fun.

For the first time ever, we went through nearly all the food (we always tell our friends to come hungry!), save for most of the cake. I was later told that no one wanted to be the first to cut into it. Had I known that, I would have sliced it up early in the evening so folks could enjoy it. Then again, half of it is now sitting the freezer to cure any late-night cravings…

Hosting a Halloween party this year? I’d love to hear your tips for spooky fun, especially if on a budget.



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