History of Coca-Cola Tin Trays

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Coca-Coal Real Thing Serving TraySince their first release in 1897, Coca-Cola serving trays have been a popular collectible. Initially, The Coca-Cola Company supplied tin serving trays and change trays to soda fountains to promote the product line. These served to push name recognition.

Unlike the change trays (which were distributed on and off through the years), the serving trays have remained in constant production.

The first trays released bore the slogan: “Delicious and Refreshing”. Over the years, the slogans have changed (some trays did not bear one), but always carried the iconic Coca-Cola logo.

At their introduction, the tin trays were round and measured between 9 and 10 inches in diameter. Later, the company produced oval trays, and in 1910, rectangular trays.

Vintage serving trays continue to be collectible and quite desirable by Coca-Cola enthusiasts. While some collectors actually use vintage trays in the home, most opt to keep them on display and use newly produced ones to serve drinks and light fare.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Lovers Tray

Introduced in 1993, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear continues to experience great adoration. This 13″ serving tray features two bears sharing a Coke.

Newer trays measure up to 13 inches in diameter, and are still produced using Coca-Cola standards.

In later years, Coke issues other collectible trays, including ones bearing the popular Coca-Cola Polar Bear. The loveable character was introduced in television commercials in 1993, and remain the focus of many commercials, print ads and merchandising. The bear’s presence increases during the holidays.

New Coca-Cola trays make for great gifts. They’re very affordable (most cost less than $10) and can be used for serving guests or displayed on walls or shelves. Either way, these trays are a simple way to introduce Coke’s iconic branding into the home at a price that’s equally attractive.

Do you own any vintage Coca-Cola serveware? How about newly produced Coke serving trays or dishes? We’d love to see your pics.


Last updated: Mar 29, 2011
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