Vintage Finds: Hit and Touch Mechanical Bowling Game

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This is a very nice example of the Hit and Touch Mechanical Bowling Game made by Pee Dee Co. of Gary, Indiana about 1958. The game measures 22 inches long x nearly 15 inches wide with a wooden frame. The alley is covered in green felt and the ten bowling pins are secured into the board with cords. A steel ball is suspended from a cord on the arched hanging rod. To play the game, one would pull the ball back and release it to knock down as many pins as possible.


Hit And Touch Bowling Game

Well-made games like the Hit And Touch Bowling Game make fun vintage collectibles that can still be played with and enjoyed today.


Bowling Pins

Swing the heavy steel ball on the end of the hanging rod to knock down the bowling pins.


Cords Holding Pins

The bowling pins are fastened into the board with cords so they don’t go too far away!


Lever On Game

Pull the lever to bring the bowling pins back into position—and you’re ready to play again!


A lever is pulled to reset the pins back into their proper position. This board game appears to be pretty rare, as not much could be found on it and the manufacturer was either bought out or closed. This particular one was found at the Arundel Flea Market in Maine. If you can share any info about these, please let us know—or perhaps you even had one. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

Last updated: Jun 29, 2015
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