Hula Girl Lamps and the Oscar Awards—Who Knew?

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Hula Girl Lamp Leilani

Leilani Lamp Details

The Leilani Hula Girl Lamp is a motorized lamp with a hula girl that sways her hips back and forth as if she were dancing the hula!


Preparing to write a blog about the history motorized hula girl lamps, I naturally went to uncover who the first maker of these bits of kitsch was. Quite a surprise was in store for me, as I found that these enduring and classic bits of decor are anything but ‘kitsch’. Quite to the contrary, hula girl lamps have a rather prestigious pedigree. The first commercial models were made by Dodge, Inc.—the same company that manufactured statues for both the Oscar and Emmy awards for roughly 52 years!


Singing Dancing Hula Lamp

Singing Lamp Detail

Our Singing and Dancing Hula Girl Lamp will certainly get you in the mood for a luau and adds a ton of tiki charm to any decor.


Dodge, Inc. was a trophy and award company founded by Ray E. Dodge in Chicago in 1927. Dodge was an Olympic athlete who participated on the U.S. track team in the 1924 Olympics and the Berlin Pan American games in 1925. In 1930, the operation moved to Los Angeles and began making the Oscar statues. Dodge, Inc. grew to become one of the world’s largest trophy companies as well as one of the largest gift and souvenir companies.


Posing Hula Girl Lamp

Detail Posing Hula Lamp

The Hawaiian Hula Girl Pose Lamp rests in an alluring pose. (Please note that this lamp is not motorized.)


So, as it turns out, the hula girl lamp is in very good company! Both the lamps and the Oscar statues have passed the test of time and are coveted by many. Dodge, Inc. is no longer in business, but like you, we’re very happy that motorized hula girl lamps are still being made today. We have a fun variety of hula girl lamps at, so stop by and take a look. Enjoy a piece of tiki history!

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