The Hula Hoop Song

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Retro Hula HoopOne of the simplest toys ever, the Hula Hoop itself was first produced and marketed in 1957. But it was singer Georgia Gibbs’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show that kicked off the craze. On September 6, 1958, she performed “The Hula Hoop Song”. It was her last hit, and by the end of the year an estimated 80- to 100-million hula hoops were sold.

Ironically, Teresa Brewer released her own version of “The Hula Hoop Song” the same year, competing with Gibbs. Both versions hit the Hot 100 Chart: Gibbs’ version spent five weeks on the chart, peaking at #32. Brewer’s also spent five weeks listed, peaking at #35. Rumor has it that kids and teens didn’t necessarily have a preference, they just loved to hula hoop to the song.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Gibbs’ television appearance. But here are the two versions of “The Hula Hoop” song, with stock imagery. Let me know which one is your favorite.




Last updated: Sep 06, 2013
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