IKEA HEMNES Dresser Hack: Retro Decals

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Union Jack HEMNES Dresser Decals

UK Flag Union Jack IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98108

IKEA’s simple, affordable furniture offers tons of upcycling possibilities. For example, you could use the HEMNES three-drawer dresser merely for storage—or you could turn it into an artistic statement with our HEMNES dresser graphics!

These graphics are a simple IKEA hack that let you add your own personal decorating touch to your dresser. Each design consists of five individual decals, all sized specifically for the HEMNES three-drawer model. You get a peel-and-stick decal for each drawer, as well as two strips that fit perfectly between the drawers. They’re made of matte finish vinyl and have a low-tac adhesive for error-free application.

The pictures below are just a few examples of how these graphics will turn your dresser into a work of art, something you’ll love waking up to every morning. Our first round of dresser decals includes 50 designs in a nice range of styles and tones. You’ll find pop art, traditional patterns, vibrant flowers, 50s atomic shapes, and even quirky robots!

Nautilus Beach Shell Dresser Decals

Nautilus Beach Shell IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98027

Robot Godzilla Dresser Decals

Robot Godzilla Donut Lunchtime IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98048

Hope Flowers Dresser Decals

Hope Flowers Cream IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98024

Peacock Profile Dresser Decals

Peacock Profile French Bird Art IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98046

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Dresser Decals

Marilyn Monroe Bold Pop Art IKEA HEMNES Dresser Graphic SKU#98060

Take a look at all of our IKEA furniture decals here, or enjoy a short video highlighting this unique IKEA DIY idea!

Last updated: Jul 18, 2016
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