Inflatable Furniture: Budget-Friendly Strength & Style

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When I saw this new collection of inflatable furniture, my first thought was “That is so cool!” My second thought was, “But what the heck do I DO with it?”

Inflatable Furniture in Retro ColorsI figured a few of you out there might share my thought process so I collected all my questions and set out on a mission to uncover the nitty gritty about Retro Planet’s inflatable couches, chairs, and ottomans.

My main concern was strength. I weigh over a hundred pounds, so is it going to explode when I hop on? Actually, this stuff is sturdy – made of .40mm PVC with strong, reinforced seams. The couch holds 500lbs and the chair accommodates up to 250lbs. As long as I don’t do jumping jacks on the sofa in a pair of stilettos, I’m set. And just in case I flop down on my inflatable couch before unstrapping my cleats, all pieces come with a repair kit. Incidentally, it is recommended that people shuck their shoes before using this furniture.

Inflatable Sofa in Purple

Inflatable Sofa in Purple

But how useful is it? My first thought was that these will make amazing gifts for the kids in my family – I know the little ones are going get a kick out of a neon green couch or hot pink chair. Plus, they’re light enough to use the ottomans as chairs. And if their parents find that the furniture gets underfoot, it can be deflated and stored.

The easy storage factor made me think about holiday dinners and parties. Instead of lugging heavy folding chairs, I can inflate a couple of couches and, at the end of the evening, I’ll fold up my furniture! They even squish down small enough so I can throw a sofa or a chair in my trunk and take it on my next camping trip.

Which brings me to outdoor use. Upon learning I could take these pieces camping or to the beach I was incredulous enough to contact the distributor and ask for the skinny. What about wind? I don’t want to swim out into international waters to retrieve my couch. And I’m certain my fellow campers wouldn’t appreciate my blow up chair bopping into their fire.

I found that these pieces are weighty enough to be used in regular weather. Since I don’t plan on camping in gale force winds, it shouldn’t be an issue. And even if the wind kicks up while I’m out, there’s a rapid inflation/deflation valve, so I can break them down in a hurry if I have to.

Inflatable Chair and Ottoman

Inflatable Chair in Green with Blue Ottoman

For permanent display, I think my porch would be the perfect. I can just picture hanging out after dinner, watching the sun go down on my cherry-red inflatable chair. My game room is another option – a couch would work great for having people over to watch a game. And, even upstairs, the black easy chair will make an excellent addition to my living room and be an ideal place to curl up with my laptop or relax with a book.

You might say that I got a real education in inflatable furniture. But I also found some new “fun” for the home that fits my wallet – I can outfit a family room for under $300. What’s not fun about that?

What do you think of retro-colored furniture on-the-go?

Last updated: May 18, 2012
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