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When looking to start your own tiki mug collection and you don’t know where to begin, or looking for the perfect Polynesian-inspired gift for a tiki enthusiast—look no further—we’ve taken away all of the guesswork and put together the Instant Tiki Mug Collection. Comprised of nine of our bestselling tiki mugs in the coolest classic designs, this set includes:

Head Hunter Hawaiian Tiki Mug Brown
Hawaiian Surfer Girl Wahine Tiki Mug
Bamboo Tiki Mug Dark Brown
Fu Man Chu Tiki God Tiki Mug
Mermaid Ceramic Tiki Mug Blue
Bamboo Tiki Mug Golden Yellow
Tiki God Hawaiian Tiki Mug Green
Easter Islander Polynesian Tiki Mug
Bikini Girl Hawaiian Wahine Tiki Mug


These mugs are restaurant quality, dishwasher safe and all are made of ceramic with a glazed finish. This fantastic tiki mug assortment includes mugs from 6.25 to 7.25 inches high with capacities ranging from 12 to 16 ounces.


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Now it’s easy to stock your tiki bar for your next gathering and super easy to send a tiki gift to that special someone with the Instant Tiki Mug Collection. Be sure to check out our video featuring this terrific mug set:


Leave a comment and tell us all about your tiki mug collection. We love to hear how people customize their tiki bar with a variety of cool tiki mugs!
Last updated: Oct 26, 2017
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