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If you’re seeking a less permanent and easier solution to wall art decor, look no further than Retro Planet’s new line of removable wall decals. Unlike large framed pieces, wall decals are lightweight and no screws or bolts are necessary. They’re an inexpensive way to add instant splashes of color to any room.

American Flag Wall Decal

Using a wall decal as the focal point: American Flag 48″ installation

Don’t confuse removable wall decals with the vinyl designs you’ll find at local department stores, or with tatouage (rub-on transfers). Both of those are a more permanent option, and typically damage paint and wallpaper when they’re removed. That means if you rent, you’re probably going to have to repaint prior to moving out. These wall decals use a low-tac adhesive that won’t mar most surfaces.

Key Features

Retro Planet’s wall decals feature vintage-inspired designs, currently from the Retro Planet Collection and Anderson Design Group. Many of them are reminiscent of the post-WWII era, sporting 1950s slogans and fonts, as well as new takes on vintage advertising. From coffee and diner food to Southern sayings, there are hundreds from which to choose.

There are many other benefits, too:

  • They’re printed on a polyester fabric, so they are slightly textured and have no glare. That means they add depth and the images can be viewed from any angle, in both low- and bright-lighting conditions.
  • The low-tac adhesive will hold the decal to the wall without damaging most flat, non-porous surfaces.
  • Most designs are available in different sizes ranging from 12″ to 48″.
  • They’re designed and printed in the USA with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Where to Put Them

Removable wall decals work well in just about any indoor room—kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, diners and restaurants. You can also apply them to cabinets or refrigerators.

Retro Modern Fashion Wall Decals

Horizontal array of retro modern fashion wall decals.

There are a few things to consider, though. Unpainted or cheaply painted walls may be damaged when the decal is removed (I think wall decals are a perfect excuse for a new coat of paint). Uncoated wallpaper may also pose a problem. They also don’t work well on non-flat surfaces. You can take them around a corner, but trying to mold them around ornate grooves on a cabinet door, for example, isn’t ideal.

When it comes to affordable wall art, though, wall decals are a prime solution. They are one of the least expensive ways to integrate truly beautiful and brilliant wall art designs into virtually any existing decor. The fashion decal array above, for example, costs less than $180 (for all four) at the 36″ size. Twelve-inch versions of the set for smaller spaces would cost less than $50. That’s a lot of art for the buck, especially when there’s no additional costs for installation or removal.

What do you think of this new line of decor? Is there a room in your house or building that could use a quick and easy retro fix?


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Last updated: Sep 21, 2013
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