International Beer Day: The First Friday Of Every August

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“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip . . . but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” —Czech Proverb

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Beginning in 2008, the first Friday in August has been designated International Beer Day. Today, IBD is celebrated in more than 200 cities around the world. There is even a website dedicated to the celebration of IBD: International Beer Day.

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The purpose of having such a day is clearly stated on the IBD website. To paraphrase, it is meant to be a day to enjoy a beer with friends, to pay tribute to all those who make beer, and to bring together people from all over the world to enjoy this wonderful beverage. Participants are encouraged to gift beer to others and to thank bartenders and brewers. There is also an emphasis on trying new beers, such as those from other cultures and countries—any beers that are not the usual domestic and locally brewed beers.

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This year IBD it falls on August 4th. On a hot summer’s day, this sounds pretty enticing. Not being a big beer drinker myself, I do enjoy a crisp, cold shandy on a hot summer afternoon. Yum! Get on board with the celebration this August and every August and have a few cold ones with friends and family. Whether you prefer ales, stouts, or lagers, our hope is that you enjoy the day (responsibly, of course) and celebrate the goodness that is beer.

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To view all of our beer themed signs click here. Show off your love of the world’s favorite alcoholic beverage by displaying officially licensed metal signs featuring your favorite beer brands. Let us know how you intend to celebrate the day. We’d love for you to share your stories!

Last updated: Jul 21, 2017
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