The Beatles This Week: July 26 – August 1

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This Week In Beatles History
July 26 – August 1

Did you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?  Are you a Beatles trivia buff?  Test your knowledge here as you look at what happened to The Beatles in a specific week in time.

July 30, 1963 – The Beatles spent the morning and evening at Abbey Road, recording tracks for their album, “With The Beatles.”

August 1, 1963 – “The Beatles Book,” a fan club magazine, was published for the first time by Sean O’Mahoney.

August 1, 1964 – The single “A Hard Day’s Night” was at the top of the US charts, staying for 2 weeks.  Also, the album topped the US and UK album charts at the same time.

July 29, 1965 – The royal world premiere of “Help!” took place at the London Pavilion cinema in Picadilly Circus.

August 1, 1965 – The Beatles appeared on ABC’s “Blackpool Night Out.”  It was their first live TV appearance in more than a year.

July 29, 1966 – Teen magazine “Datebook” published an interview of John’s from “Evening Standard” in which he had said, “We are more popular than Jesus.” This caused an uproar in the US, and radio stations in Birmingham, AL banned all Beatles records and even publicly burnt them!

July 30, 1966 – “Yesterday and Today” reached the top of the US charts and stayed there for 5 weeks.

August 1, 1967 – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” spent 15 weeks at the top of the US charts.

July 26, 1968 – John helped Paul finish writing “Hey Jude,” which Paul had written for John’s son, Julian.

August 1, 1971 – George organized the Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden.

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