Jupiter Toy Robot

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1980s 13-inch Jupiter Robot

This is a 13-inch giant walking robot from the 1980s. Called the Jupiter Robot, it was made in China by KAMCO. Battery operated, it walks, the eyes light up and it has 4 spring-loaded shooting missiles. When operating the eyes flash, the robot walks, stops, and then a space scene scrolls across his “TV” screen.

An earlier robot, the Saturn Robot, looked very similar and was originally made in Hong Kong. A later version of the Saturn came out that was made in China and did not have missiles, to due toy safety regulations. The Jupiter Robot appears to be a less expensive model of the original Saturn Robot, with less painted chrome details. All of these versions of the giant 13-inch walking robot were very popular, and reproductions of these are available today, but as collector items, rather than toys.

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Last updated: May 14, 2010
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