Kit-Cat Animated Clocks

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Kit-Cat Klock Face

Kit-Cat’s large eyes move back and forth, keeping time.

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Kit-Cat clock from their childhood? I remember when I was real young, every August we went on our annual shopping trip to buy school shoes. We went to a family-owned store in our downtown that sold children’s clothing and shoes. While we were there, I loved to see the black-and-white Kit-Cat clock hanging on the wall. I loved to watch the tail swing back and forth, keeping time with its oversized eyes. It’s wonderful that the same company that made them then is still making them today for us to enjoy again or to introduce to our children.

The first Kit-Cat Klock was created in 1932 by the California Clock Company. It was introduced during the Great Depression, in the hope of cheering people up and adding a little “mystery and excitement” to their lives. California Clock has been making these little cuties for more than 75 years now. The clocks have changed a bit through the years, and are now available in many different colors (like red and white). Certainly, though, an item as fun as these will never go out of style.

The Pooch Yellow Animated Wall ClockThe companion Pooch clock features a cocker spaniel with moving eyes and tail. Right out of the ’50s, he’s available in sunny yellow and black.

Then there’s Simone, a 1950s-style reproduction black cat with opening and closing eyelids and a long, sleek tail.

The Original Kit-Cat Klock, though, is still the favorite among many retro enthusiasts. It is the most-oft seen clock in movies and television shows and continues to be a top seller. Many experts say the Kit-Cat is one of the top representations of retro history and we tend to agree!

Of course, if you don’t have your own, you’ll want to see this adorable clock in action…

Take a look at this Retro Planet video featuring the original Kit-Cat Klock:


Did your house or local store have a Kit-Cat Klock? We’d love to hear your memories…

Last updated: Mar 14, 2009
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