Unique Retro Christmas Gifts: Kit Kat Clock

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Kit Kat Clock

As Christmas gets near, we will be featuring one our many retro items that will make a great Christmas gift for a loved one on your shopping list. For all things retro and unique gift giving ideas, be sure to check out the many interesting items we have here at Retroplanet.com.

A Kit Kat Clock would make a unique retro gift this Christmas. These black and white art deco style Kit Kat clocks are replicas of the original 1930’s version. It would be a wonderful gift for anyone that remembers these from earlier days. It would also be a great gift for a cat lover or young children that are just learning to tell the time. The eyes and tail move side-to-side as the clock ticks and it’s sure to bring smiles to anyone that has one on their wall in their home or business. And to make gift-giving easier, these can be gift-wrapped and sent to you or directly to your loved one.

Last updated: Dec 02, 2009
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