Kitchen Accessories Sets

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Mom's Diner Tableware Serving SetRetro Organizing for the Table Top

Diner-style condiment racks and accessories make for an organized kitchen table our countertop. They also add to the decor of the dining area and keep everything within easy reach.

From simple salt and pepper shaker caddies to accessory sets that house everything for breakfast, lunch and dinner, these organizers are the tops when it comes to retro-fitting at home.

The organizers are made of chrome-plated metal. They’re sturdy and easy to clean, and can be quickly moved from one place to another.

Diner Accessories Set

Choose a set that includes all the necessary components. Coffee drinkers will appreciate the sugar shaker and packet compartment.

Accessories vary depending on the set, but might include:

  • squeeze bottles (typically for ketchup & mustard)
  • napkin dispenser
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • sugar shaker
  • retro menu cover

When choosing a set, think about your needs. If you’re tired of running to the fridge for the ketchup, choose a caddy that holds squeeze bottles. If you use sweetener packets in coffee or tea, you’ll want a packet compartment. Do you want just a place for napkins? Or do you want a napkin dispenser?

Condiment Containers with Holding Rack

This simple yet functional set includes condiment containers and a slot for napkins.

Retro table accessory sets also make great gifts for weddings, house warmings and the holidays. They’re popular with both young and old, and are perfect for the person who has “everything” due to their functionality.

By the way – those rings at the top? While they can used to carry the sets, they’re actually merchandising rings; they’re perfect for holding a diner-style menu.

The Diner Accessories Set is the “Cadillac” of the organizers, with space for the catsup and mustard squeeze bottles, napkin dispenser, sugar pourer and salt and pepper shakers, which are all included in the set. There’s a clip to display a menu or Today’s Specials and there’s even space for packets of sugar or your favorite sugar substitute. The Mom’s Diner Accessory Set is the same item, only it comes with a retro–inspired Mom’s Diner menu cover. Makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday.

Anyway you like it, there’s an organizer that will help you organize your table or kitchen counter, and help complete the retro look of your home. For most, though, it’s the time-saving aspect of these sets. No more rummaging for the “little things”.