Kool-Aid Packaging (1951)

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Here’s a fun find (thanks to Chemical Heritage Foundation via Flickr)… a Kool-Aid soft drink package from 1951. 

Kool-Aid Soft Drink Package, General Foods, 1951

Notice how back then they called the powder a “base for soft drinks and desserts”? That’s because one could also mix the powder with sugar, milk and cream to create a frozen treat.

Kool-Aid was created by Edward Perkins, of Hastings, Nebraska, who spent his childhood experimenting in his mother’s kitchen. His original conconction was in liquid-form, called Fruit Smack. He worked on extracting the liquid in order to reduce ship costs and came up with the unsweetened powder in 1927. Perkins sold Kool-Aid to General Foods in 1953.

Packaging reference: Perkins Products Co. Chicago 29, Illinois, Copyright 1951 – Made in USA.

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