Lemon Lime 2-Way Soda

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2-Way Soda

2-Way Soda was a lemon-lime flavored soda bottled by the National NuGrape Company. NuGrape was started in 1921 as a manufacturer and bottler of a variety of soft drinks. The 2-Way brand was introduced in the 1950s and was part of the NuGrape soda brand lineup that also included NuGrape, Sun Crest, and Kickapoo Joy Juice.

2-Way seems to have been discontinued some time in the early 1960s. It most likely disappeared due to fierce competition from other lemon-lime soft drinks, like 7 Up and Sprite. If you can add anything to the background story of 2-Way Soda, please add your comments.

National NuGrape Company
168-170 Peters Street
Atlanta, Georgia

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