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Like Cola CanJust 13 years after 7 Up’s diet soda, Like, was discontinued, the company introduced Like Cola. First distributed in 1982, Like Cola was one of the first attempts at producing a soda with virtually no caffeine. By law, colas had to have some caffeine content, so the pop was labeled as “99% Caffeine-Free”.

Like Cola’s slogan was “Made from the Cola Nut”, and Philip Morris (which owned 7 Up at the time)  made a big push to compete with Coca-Cola, Pepsi and RC. Like Cola was a major sponsor at the July 24, 1983 Winston Cup race, the Like Cola 500, which took place at Pocono Raceway.

The company also produced television commercials featuring comedian Tim Conway and actor Kevin Dobson.

1984 Like Cola commercial featuring Tim Conway:


Like Cola was short-lived. Due to exclusive flavor provisions in bottler franchise agreements for its competitors, many bottlers refused to distribute the new brand. Philip Morris soon exited the cola business.

Did you try Like Cola? Flavor-wise, did you prefer it over the “top three”?

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