Lilliput Play Homes Featuring Nostalgic Retro Signs

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Town Center

Lilliput Play Homes Towne Center


One of our customers is doing something so special—we just had to share it with you! Lilliput Play Homes of McMurray, Pennsylvania has been designing and building their own incredible playhouses for over 25 years. What originally began as a father making a custom playhouse for his daughter has blossomed into a company specializing in delightful treasures that are sold the world over.


Grocery Store

The Lilliput Grocery Market is part of the Main Street Collection and is popular with businesses creating a child’s play area.


Why is this so special to us? Because, to create a sense of realism and just perhaps, a bit of humor, Lilliput adds a sprinkle of our retro metal signs to many of the homes they create. Some of our signs that appear in Lilliput playhouses include various food, gas, farm stand, movie theater and soda pop tin signs.


Service Station

Our Texaco Motor Oil and Gasoline sign and Pennzoil Motor Oil sign are displayed in this charmingly detailed service station playhouse.

We at love all things vintage so it’s exciting to hear that some of the Lilliput playhouses displaying our signs have been sold in other countries like China and Russia, as well as in the Middle East and Europe. American retro is a universal language it seems! According to Caryn Chernicky, Special Projects Director at Lilliput and wife of company founder, Steve Chernicky, “The nostalgic nature of some of our models and the signs are well received by our clients and their visitors (even for those for whom English is not their primary language!)”.


Diner Play House

This retro diner style playhouse looks just like the real thing!


We’re very pleased to be included in these magnificent playhouses—after all, what child wouldn’t love to play in one of these fantastic creations? I know these playhouses have this adult dreaming of being a child once more. Maybe this blog should be called “There’s A Child In All Of Us”.


Theater Playhouse

Our RetroPlanet exclusive signs are the perfect touch added to this beautiful Lilliput theater playhome.


Be sure to take a look at the spectacular work and attention to detail that goes into Lilliput Play Homes, all designed and built in Pennsylvania. See if you can spot our cool retro signs!

Last updated: Nov 09, 2017
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