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Coca-Cola Limca Soda Bottlecap“Limca. It’s Veri, Veri Lime and Lemoni”

Limca is a lemon-lime carbonated drink with a hint of ginger that has been produced in India since 1971. Limca is less sweet and has less carbonation than typical American soft drinks. It is distributed in India, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Zambia.

Limca is sold primarily in glass bottles that are returned to the bottler by the store or restaurant. They are washed and reused because the bottle is more expensive than the soft drink in India. It is also available in cans and liter bottles.

Indian advertising for Limca features famous Hindi film actresses and actors endorsing the soft drink.

Today the Limca brand is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, which was the leading soft drink manufacturer in the India until they removed their soft drink business from the country in 1977. They pulled out because the Indian government had created policies in an attempt to coerce  Coca-Cola into revealing their secret recipe for Coke. After a 16-year absence they returned to India in 1992. In 1993 they bought Limca from Parle Beverages of Mumbai, in addition to other soda brands.

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