Tiki Farm’s New Line of Limited Edition Tiki Mugs!

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Tangaroa Limited Edition Tiki MugThe Tiki culture hit the US in the mid-30s, and took the country by storm after WWII. From the 1939 World’s Fair in California, which for the first time celebrated this Polynesion-inspired culture, to James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific (1948), which led to the musical South Pacific, we embraced this tropical decor and fare quite rapidly. When Hawaii became the 50th US state, it became a popular travel destination, further igniting our love of all things Tiki.

Plenty of Tiki statues, mugs and decorations from the ’30s to the ’60s are considered collectible. From Tiki Farm’s latest artist-designed creations come these limited edition mugs. Known for  known for quality and originality, Tiki Farm has been a leader in production of Tiki mugs for decades, and these latest ones are reminiscent of yesteryear.

These unique and collectible pieces are a true Pacific-flavored work of art. With a substantial feel and gorgeous glaze, they’ll look as great on the shelf as they do in your hand… if you’re so inclined to shake up a tasty cocktail (and you’ll find plenty of recipes right here).

Limited Edition Tiki Mug Set

Tiki Farm’s latest Limited Edition line includes 17 unique mugs.

Rock-a-Hula Hulabilly Tiki Mug Even those who don’t host backyard luaus will appreciate these intricate designs. Just take a look at the Rock-a-Hula ceramic tiki mug (left). It holds 13 ounces and stands 7″ tall. Part of the Hulabilly Trio, this design is a collaboration of Tiki Farm and artist Derek Yaniger. (Rock-a-Hula goes together with Ernest T and Unkle Kranky.)

The bottom of each piece includes the artist’s signature, authenticating each mug.

Artist's Signature on Bottom of Each Limited Tiki Mug

Want to see more? Check out the gallery below. Click through to any product to see a 360-degree display, and plenty of close-ups.

Be sure to come back and tell me which one is your favorite! I’m definitely leaning toward Rock-a-Hula!


Last updated: Jan 29, 2014
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