Lowe’s Calls it Ugly, I Call it Just Perfect

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A recent sweepstakes is backfiring on Lowe’s – even if just for a minority – and with good reason. The mega-company announced this week the winner of it’s Ugly Door Sweepstakes, sending retro modern freaks like me into a frenzy. Just take a look:

Lowe's Facebook Announcement of the Ugly Door Winning Entry

Within minutes, retro junkies and designers chimed in, some even offering to take the mid-modern piece off the winner’s hands. The winner will get to pick from a list of Therma-Tru doors, carrying a max price of $3,500 and max installation costs of $1,500, but you’d have a hard time convincing me to dump such a wonderfully dated fixture. Even the color is perfect.

Albeit, it was Lowe’s fans who did the voting, but only after 10 finalists were selected at random. Therein lies the problem. While design is subjective, you need design folk to help narrow down the list in order to avoid doors like this from being “slammed” through the wringer.

There was a more clear winner, though. Austin, Texas-based Crestview Doors saw opportunity, and posted to Lowe’s an image of one of their current, most popular door styles, The Pasadena.

Crestview Door: The Pasadena

As posted on Crestview's Facebook wall: "Dear Lowe's Ugly Door Sweepstakes: You call it ugly, we call it the 'Pasadena.'"

Crestview’s Facebook fan-base increased as well, and I now have a new love… true-to-the-period, modern doors. The door to my house is way ugly, and if it was within my budget, I’d totally go for the Pasadena. Perhaps Crestview will hold a sweepstakes where the winning door makes people say, “I can’t believe they installed that!”  I’d even be willing to take my prize in that beautiful lime green.


Last updated: May 04, 2012
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