The LP: Not Just Entertainment…

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Vintage 45s on a black wall

Vintage 45s mounted for display. (Courtesy: Molly Veit at AAE Glass)

Timeless Decor

If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of albums (yes, albums, not CDs) or 45 rpms sitting in the closet or attic, warping and gathering dust. All your favorite bands growing up. The Who and Led Zeppelin, perhaps. Maybe a box filled with Motown acts. Or, like me, pressings of Bowie, The Ramones, Bauhaus, and the Velvet Underground.

If your collection isn’t collectible (and let’s admit it, most of us are probably still hanging onto old vinyl that’s too scratched to play any longer), don’t feel bad. Who ever thought when we were teenagers that a first-pressing of Sgt. Pepper’s or Quadrophenia would fetch, well…we won’t remind ourselves of that. We saw records as entertainment, not a collectible. Something to be enjoyed and listened to, not stored away in an air tight bag.

But…who says they can’t still be entertaining, playable or not? How many of you remember the scene in Pretty in Pink where Molly Ringwald is working in the record shop and her friend is decorating the walls and ceiling with LPs? I sure do. And, I remember really liking that look. Remember thinking… “If I ran a record store, it would look just like that.”

80s record wall design

AAE Glass in Cape Coral, FL, has an ’80s room that sports lots of vinyl. (Courtesy: Molly Veit at AAE Glass)

Okay, so it’s 25 years on. Got a basement where your own teenagers play their video games and listen to music on speakers docked to their iPod? Why not jazz their rec space up with a little taste of history? Got a man cave? Like to sit in there during the ballgame with terrible announcers on MUTE so you can watch while listening to Neil Young or Creedence or Alice Cooper? What’s on your walls?

If you’re one of the lucky few and kept your records and covers in pristine condition, you can always use LP or 7″ frames to show off that artwork.

Image of framed LPs

You can frame LP sleeves and organize them with other music memorabilia.

I once ran a magazine shoot where we hired a model to play a hippie. She was young, dressed in bell bottoms with flower patches on the knees, the whole nine yards. When the shoot was over, she asked, “Hey, is it okay if I look at these? They’re so cool!”

What was she so intrigued by, you ask? Something she’d never seen in person. A stack of old LPs we’d used to decorate the set.

Your living space? That’s the film set for your life. Why not enjoy these timeless treasures in a whole new way? Maybe add in some reproduction posters from the tours you remember as clearly as if you were standing in the front row? Recycling is in, my friends, and what could possibly be better than recycling the best times of your life?


Thanks to Molly Veit at AAE Glass for the pics!

Last updated: Mar 16, 2013
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