Marvel Superhero Signs Inspire a Room with Classic Style

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Don’t be afraid to go big with a multi-sign display. Here we show examples of decorating with various signage and colors, using vintage style Marvel signs as our inspiration.

Marvel Superhero Sign Display

A vibrant red backdrop with these Marvel signs would look striking in a bedroom or in an office. Inspire an entire room with a strong arrangement such as this one. Accessories used in the rest of the room can be selected to match colors within this classic artwork.

Marvel Superhero Sign Display on Brick

Get creative and try some exciting new placements for these retro style signs. There’s no need for actual brick when you can pick up a faux panel at your home improvement store. Arrange and re-arrange these Marvel Superhero signs to suit your mood. (Faux brick panel from Lowe’s)

Marvel Superhero Sign Display on Green

This 7-Sign set of classic comic book heroes will add the “punch” you’re looking for in your home or office. Grouped together on one wall, these vintage looking signs could be the inspiration for the rest of the room. (Wall Paint: California Paints; Hyper)

Marvel Superhero Sign Display on Wood

The great thing about signs like these is that they can be arranged in so many different ways. And the wooden panel background makes a great contrast to the bright colors of the comic book art. If you don’t have a paneled room, you can do what we’ve done here, and get a sheet of paneling from your local home supply store.



Last updated: Dec 07, 2010
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