Retro Images of the Week: Maxwell House Free Corning Coffee Carafe

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Here at we are surrounded by all things retro. Not only the things we sell but original items and collections that decorate our offices. We thought it might be interesting each week to bring you a photo and information of an interesting, and maybe unusual, retro item we have kicking around. Please note these items are not for sale.

This is a promotional item offered by Maxwell House Coffee, probably in the the 1970s. This carafe, made by Corning, was a bonus to customers that purchased the 10-ounces of Maxwell House instant coffee contained in the carafe.

Maxwell House Coffee was first developed in 1892 to be served at the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1917, Maxwell House has marketed their coffee as being “Good to the Last Drop”. Maxwell House Coffee was the best-selling coffee in the US up through the late 1980s and now runs a close second to Folger’s.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2009
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