The Beatles This Week: May 17–May 23

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This Week In Beatles History

May 17 – May 23

Did you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?  Are you a Beatles trivia buff?  Test your knowledge here as you look at what happened to The Beatles in a specific week in time.

May 18, 1963 – The Beatles’ third British tour began with a show at the Adelphi Cinema in Slough.  The band was supposed to be a supporting act for Ray Orbison, but they quickly assumed the headlining position.

May 22 – 1965 – “Ticket To Ride” reached the top of the U.S charts and stayed there for a week.

May 19, 1966 – The first day of shooting took place, to be used for four promotional films for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain.”

May 19, 1967 – A party was held at Brian Epstein’s house to celebrate the launch of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

May 20, 1967 – Due to drug references in “A Day in the Life,” the BBC imposed a radio and TV ban on the song.

May 19, 1968 – John and Yoko recorded some music together when John’s wife Cynthia was out of town.  The recordings would end up on the famous album “Unfinished Music No. 1” Two Virgins,” which featured a nude photo of the couple on the cover.

May 22, 1968 – John and Yoko appeared in public together for the first time at a launch party for Apple Boutique.

May 23, 1969 – “Get Back” with Billy Preston climbed to No. 1 in the US, and stayed there for 5 weeks.

May 18, 1970 – The album “Let It Be” was released in the US.  It broke a record for the highest advance sales at 3,700,000.

May 18, 1971 – Paul’s second solo album, “Ram” was released in the UK.

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