The Beatles This Week: May 3 – May 9

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This Week In Beatles History

May 3 – May 9

Did you ever wonder about what The Beatles were up to on a week-to-week basis?  Are you a Beatles trivia buff?  Test your knowledge here as you look at what happened to The Beatles in a specific week in time.

May 5, 1960 – The Quarry Men changed their name to the Silver Beetles, later to become The Beatles.

May 4, 1963 – “From Me To You”/”Thank You Girl” reached the top of the UK charts, staying there for seven weeks.  In the US, the song reached only No. 116 in the Billboard charts.

May 9, 1965 – Filming for the movie “Help!” continued in London.  In the evening, The Beatles watched Bob Dylan perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

May 9, 1966 – It took ten takes to record “For No One” at Abbey Road studios.

May 6, 1968 – “Step Inside Love” was released in the US, but it made no impact on the charts.

May 6, 1969 – Paul’s song, “You Never Give Me Your Money” was recorded for the Abbey Road album.  The song was a commentary referring to the problems the band was having with their financial manager, Allen Klein.

May 8, 1970 – the Let It Be album was released in the UK, sold as a package with the book, “The Beatles Get Back.”

May 3, 1976 – Paul’s band, Wings, continued their tour of the US and Canada in Fort Worth, TX.

May 4, 1977 – “The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl” went on sale in the US, reaching No. 2 in the charts.

May 9, 1979 – Ringo, George, and Paul played together at a jam session to celebrate the marriage of Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd, George’s ex-wife.

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