Retro Christmas Image 2009: Mazda Christmas Tree Lamps

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Mazda Christmas Tree Bulbs

This Christmas season at we thought it might be interesting to bring you a photo and a little information about some of the interesting retro Christmas items we have here in our offices. So for the next few weeks we’ll be featuring different retro Christmas items from our own collections. Please note these are shown here merely to entertain and inform. They are not for sale.

Pictured here is an assortment of vintage General Electric Christmas tree light bulbs. They all have a distinctive ribbed cone shape and come in assorted colors. This shape of bulb was first made by GE in 1924 and they were manufactured through to the early 1970s.

The blue box marked “Mazda” is the oldest of the group. It dates from 1945 or earlier. This is evident by the use of the “Mazda” brand name. The Mazda name was used on GE lamps starting in 1909. It was meant to suggest the superior quality of the GE lamps, being named after the Persian god of light. GE discontinued the use of the Mazda brand name starting in 1946. The remaining two boxes date from later on. Most likely from the 50s (box on left) and 60s (box on right).