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I knew I should have gone to that concert!

This blog is about concerts you should have or could have gone to but for some reason you didn’t make it. Maybe it was your decision, or maybe it was out of your hands. I don’t mean that I wish I wasn’t 5 when The Beatles played Shea Stadium because I might have gone if I was 16. I mean that if you had a chance or even had tickets to see someone you were really into—but you blew it and you’ve regretted it to this day! Maybe you where on your way to see Led Zeppelin and you got pulled over for that broken tail light you know you should have fixed and after the cops searched your car, you didn’t make it to the show. Talk about regretting a missed concert.

Or maybe you figured you would just see that band next time but there was no next time. Like when Joe Strummer played in Worcester, MA on October 12th 2001. I was and still am a huge Clash/Strummer fan. My brother bought me a ticket and I don’t remember why I didn’t go, but I wish I had because Joe Strummer passed away a year later. I still get bummed out that Joe is gone and I blew off a chance to see him.


Joe Strummer of The Clash

Joe Strummer waves good-bye to fans. Photo was taken at the Bond International Casino on Broadway and 44th St. in New York City.


Another major screw up was in 1980, as far as I remember. At the time my friends and I where selling bootleg concert T-shirts in Boston. And one night Bob Marley and the B52s where playing separate shows in town. After we sold “the in” as it was called, we split up. Some went to see Marley and some, myself included, went to see the B52s. I mean how stupid was that? The B52s over Bob Marley! Of course, in 1981 Bob died of cancer so no one  would ever have another chance to see one of his great live shows again. And who would have guessed that the B52s can still be seen playing “Love Shack” at State Fairs today.


B52s In Concert

Fred Schneider and Cindy Wilson of the B52s perform at a live concert.


We sold shirts at a lot of concerts and got to see many great shows. The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Specials, The Jam, just to name a few. I’m still friends with a guy who was selling shirts with us at The Hampton Casino one night when The Talking Heads where playing. We all went to the show but he stayed out because he was trying to pick up this girl. Sorry, but the Talking Heads in their heyday in a small venue or some girl he had no chance with? He regrets missing one great Talking Heads show. A side note about that night, while we are in the show he moved the van and parked it in a no-parking zone. It got towed, so we didn’t have the shirts to sell after the show. Double regret!


Talking Heads in Concert

The Talking Heads in concert at Hampton Casino.


So what’s your missed concert story? Leave a comment and let us know.

The photos for this blog are ones I took at some show I went to over the years. They are not from the actual concerts I mentioned in this blog except for the Talking Heads photo which I did take at the Hampton Casino.


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