1960s Design: Modern White Seating

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I’m a sucker for AMC’s Mad Men, and I’ve always adored dark wood office furniture. But there’s something about Roger Sterling’s modern white office, with its trippy walls and orange and green throw pillows, that just tickles my fancy.

Mad Men Roger's Office Season 6

Roger’s office (Mad Men, season 6)

I’d love to have a space like this, though it would most certainly have to include a regular cleaning team. Who says, though, that you can’t opt to mix white modern seating with a dark wood desk and paneled walls? That’s the beauty of modern decor—you can mix and match plenty of things. After all, plenty of ’60s design was about self-expression.

Retro Modern Saddlebrook Lounger

Retro Modern Saddlebrook Lounger

My favorite seating for both comfort and style? The Saddlebrook Lounger. It’s futuristic, sturdy and swivels a full 360 degrees. And I adore the shiny chrome base. I think this chair would look great next to a c-curve table.

For a home (or office) bar, look no further than the Stout Bar Stool. With a full back and armrests, it has such a classic look, and it works well in both laid-back or elegant atmospheres. It’s adjustable from 24″ to 36″. Again, a shiny chrome base really completes this piece.

And, finally, there’s the Panton chair. Most folks associate this with the home, especially for modern-style dining. But these stackable chairs would also work great in conference rooms and set up at a round meeting table in the corner of a large office.

Stout Bar Stool in White

Stout Bar Stool in White: Retro Modern meets Elegance

Mod White Panton Chair

Mod White Panton Chair: Introduced in 1967, this unique seating can be used indoors and out, and is stackable.

A modern white design begs for timeless simplicity. That goes for the walls, too. For instant splashes of color consider travel wall decor, which was also quite popular in 1960s decorating.

Dallas Travel Wall Decor

Retro modern travel wall decor. Add splashes of color to modern white design.

Thinking about going for a classic white design? You’ll find scores of white furniture, clocks and decor accessories right here.

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