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“Mr.” Cola: The Aristocrat of Colas

In 1962, the Grapette Company created their version of a cola, called “Mr.” Cola. It was invented by Francis Booker, a chemist that had been added to the Grapette staff in 1941 and worked there until 1972. The hope was that the addition of their own line of cola would create competition with The Coca-Cola Company, and it did. The drink caught on quickly and was very successful. The addition of “Mr.” Cola and the line of “Mr.” Cola Jr. soft drinks contributed considerably to the growth of the company and the company flourished up until 1970.

This label is for a12-ounce bottle of cola. It was also available in 16- and 10-ounce bottles. It dates to the 1960s when the cola was first released. The “Mr.” Cola line was discontinued after declining domestic sales and the purchase of Grapette in 1972 by the Rheingold Corporation. Although sales abroad continued to grow through the Grapette International division. The company acquired by Rheingold was renamed Flavette and relocated to Florida. The Monarch Company bought them in 1977 and halted production of Grapette in favor of their own soft drink line, NuGrape. The US line of Grapette soda was revived when Grapette International purchased the domestic rights and began distributing Grapette in the US once again. Although the only flavors in the Grapette line available today are Grapette and Orangette and are available only at Walmart stores.

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