Mr. Potato Head’s 60th Birthday

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Nearly every American toddler will inevitably become acquainted with Mr. Potato Head, either by owning one or through exposure to our popular culture. Thanks to his appearance in Pixar’s “Toy Story” movies, Mr. Potato has become a highly recognizable pop icon. And 2012 marks Hasbro’s 60th birthday celebration of Mr. Potato Head’s introduction into the toy market.

Mr Potato Head Toy Story Playskool Toy

Mr. Potato Head turns 60... And he's just as popular as ever!

This changeable yet lovable toy was introduced in 1952 as a set of plastic components meant to be pushed into an actual vegetable or fruit. The original kit was comprised of 28 pieces, including face parts, hands, hair, hats, glasses, a pipe, shoes and a body. The fruit or vegetable was to serve as the head. The first commercial to introduce the new toy aired on April 30, 1952, making the Mr. Potato Head Funny-Face Kit the first toy ever to be advertised on television.

Many changes have been made over the years to ensure the popularity of the Mr. Potato Head toy. In 1953 the Mrs. Potato Head set was introduced. Then came two children: Brother Spud and Sister Yam. In 1964 a plastic potato was supplied as part of the kit. Over the years, friends were added to the product line and adjustments were made to Mr. Potato Head, including giving up his pipe in 1987.

Since the appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in “Toy Story” in 1995, there’s been no stopping this vegetarian marvel. He’s gone to appear in tire commercials, the Macy’s Parade and even has his own Facebook page.

Check out this vintage Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head commercial from the 1950s… back when the kit pieces were designed to be used with real potatoes.


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Last updated: Mar 05, 2012
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