Multi-Panel Wall Art Brings Big Color and Style to Your Decor

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GTO Wall Art


A popular home decorating trend is the use of multi-panel artwork to add color and visual impact to a large wall space. This style of artwork consists a single image formed by two or more panels. We carry thousands of metal signs, so it was only a matter of time before we decided to launch our own line of oversized, multi-panel artwork made of all-American steel.


Map Wall Art


Fallout Wall Art


This type of artwork is known as a polyptych (pol-ee-IP-titch). Historically, polyptychs included multiple panels that were hinged or held together in a frame, shadowbox style. Churches in the early Renaissance period commonly used polyptychs as altar pieces. These consisted of a central panel with smaller panels attached to either side.


NYC Wall Art


Chrysler Wall Art


Canyon Wall Art


Today, multi-panel artwork has migrated from church altars to living rooms, office lobbies, restaurants—just about anywhere! As this short video shows, our collection includes a huge number of styles that fit nearly any room: gorgeous landscapes, art photography, state flags, pop art, vintage travel, and more.



This artwork comes in different configurations as well, so you can choose a design that fits into the overall flow and layout of your room. You’ll find three-panel triptychs and four-panel quadriptychs arranged horizontally, vertically, or cross-hatch style. Most are available in several sizes – from about three feet to ten feet – so you can decorate everything from an office cube to a floor-to-ceiling wall. Our largest panel art is perfect for company lobbies, loft apartments, restaurants, even for home staging.


Waterfall Wall Art


Sidewalk Wall Art


NY Cityscape Wall Art



Trees Wall Art


Usually, the panels are hung with small gaps between them, from 1/2″ to 3″ depending on the design. This technique lets the artwork blend into the room in a natural, relaxed way. But you can also hang the panels right up against each to form a single, huge metal sign! Either way, you’ll be amazed at the visual impact this multi-panel artwork delivers. Enhancing multi-panel art with spotlights or track lighting will highlight details and add even more impact.


Burger Wall Art


Fish Wall Art


Butterfly Wall Art


One benefit of this style of artwork: it’s easier to hang, move, and store than a single panel of the same overall size. You can swap out one design for another and give a room an entirely new look quickly and easily!


Three Cones Wall Art


Browse our entire collection of multi-panel wall art here, and you’ll find designs that will fit right into your living room, office, game room, or kid’s room! Our unique metal panel wall art is manufactured to order in the USA and takes 15 to 20 business days for delivery—so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Last updated: Aug 09, 2017
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