Retro Lighting: Norman Rockwell’s Famous Covers

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Norman Rockwell Self Portrait LampOne of America’s most prolific artists, Norman Rockwell produced more than 4,000 paintings and illustrations. For 51 years he illustrated the Boy Scouts’ calendar, and also worked on classic books like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Rockwell’s most recognizable works, though, were his covers for The Saturday Evening Post. Three of America’s favorites are showcased on modern-style table and desk lamps.

Made in the USA, these lamps feature a 9″ high shade and brushed nickel base. Standing at 21″ high, they’re perfect for the office, den or living room and can be used to bring a room together or as a focal point. An on/off pull chain adds to the retro charm.

A truly unique way to display Americana, the shades feature Rockwell’s entire illustrations wrapped around the light, adding depth.

Take a look at the full scroll of each one:

Norman Rockwell Tattoo Artist Lamp

“Tattoo Artist” Norman Rockwell Lamp

Rosie The Riveter Rockwell Lamp

“Rosie The Riveter” Norman Rockwell Lamp

Norman Rockwell Self Portrait Lamp

Norman Rockwell Self Portrait Lamp

Are you a Norman Rockwell fan? Where would you place one of these retro-style lamps?


Last updated: Feb 05, 2013
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