Numbers & Symbols Typography Wall Decals

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Retro Symbols Decals in Green

Just peel and stick the premium, opaque polyester wall decals. They’re available in sizes up to 48″ and are removable.

Available in four vibrant colors, wall decal numbers and typography symbols are a great way to decorate any smooth, non-porous wall or surface. Because wall decals are displayed without putting holes in the walls, these are perfect for apartments, dorm rooms and offices as a temporary decoration.

Use them for a birthday party or anniversary celebration in a rented hall or workplace. Display the birthday or anniversary date in the area behind the table of the guest of honor to make the party room more festive. These vintage styled symbols and numbers allow you to feature significant numbers at business meetings or conventions. Add typography to the wall of a conference room, and once the convention is over, they can be easily removed.

Typography and symbols wall decals also make for innovative and attractive home wall decor. These original Retro Planet designs have a rusted, flea market style to them, giving you a look that is artistic, yet shabby chic. With each symbol and number on an individual sheet, these decals give you flexibility in regard to layout as well as being able to mix and match color (when you use multiple sheets).

Ampersand Decal in Green applied to cabinet.

Not just for walls! These easy to remove decals will adhere to most flat, smooth surfaces.

Numbers Wall Decals in Red applied to workshop wall

Apply them in the workshop to show off your favorite number.

Adorn the walls in a child’s room with numbers to announce their age to friends and family. Display wall decals in a bedroom or dorm room to celebrate the number on the jersey of your favorite sports hero. Larger sized numbers and symbols are impressive enough to become daring design elements in a room. Replace boring framed artwork with dynamic digits and charming characters that command attention, whether in a home, office or business. Display over a coat rack to number hooks or pegs so everyone knows which coat is theirs. Be creative and change these out as the mood strikes you, since typography wall decals are not long-term commitments.

At Symbol Applied to Wall

Use larger sizes in simple settings to make a big impact.

Red Numbers Wall Decals

212 is the main area code for Manhattan in NYC.

Black question mark wall decal

Use symbols in the home, office or rec area.

Red Symbols & Numbers Decals

Show off your favorite player’s number!

Staggered blue numbers decals.

Use varying sizes and straight-line positions for a modern touch.

Red Numbers Decals

Use numbers and symbols as a backdrop.

Dollar Sign Wall Decal

Or, use them as a reminder…

Check out our videos for information on appropriate mounting surfaces and how to apply and remove wall decals.

Last updated: Aug 22, 2014
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