Numbers & Symbols Vintage Style Porcelain Signs

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In this age of repurposing and decorating on a budget, reproduction signs are an easy and affordable way to bring the past into your present.  We’ve just introduced a group of number and symbol signs that allow you to creatively decorate a living room, bedroom or office in flea market style.


Numbers and Typography Signs

Available in ten numbers and eight symbols, our reproduction signs are made with nicks and chips to look like flea market finds.


Gas Price Signs

Measuring 12 x 16 inches, these vintage inspired signs are generously sized and made to be noticed.


Vintage Collectibles

Simply position a couple of these vintage inspired signs among your other collectibles.


Vintage Sign Display

These signs have pre-drilled holes so they’re ready for hanging. They can also be displayed as we’ve done here.


Fashioned from heavy-duty steel, these vintage style metal signs are designed to look like antique porcelain signs, complete with chips and nicks that are actually part of the graphics.  The distressing looks a little different on each sign, so no two are exactly alike.


Signs Hung With Magnets

These signs can be displayed on a metal surface with heavy-duty magnets. To order, use SKU 37896.


603 Vintage Metal Signs

We really like this setup. Since we’re based in New Hampshire—this is our area code!


Featuring numbers 0 through 9 and the most popular keyboard symbols and punctuation marks, these reproduction signs give you plenty of decorating options.  Use them to display anniversary, birthday, area code, or your favorite lucky numbers.  You can create striking effects with the symbol signs by hanging them in various patterns, or sprinkling them among your other reproduction or vintage decor.  Whether you’re going for industrial, flea market or gas station glamour, these signs will create the perfect look.


Cool Sign Art

Our photographer was getting a little creative while shooting these signs for our blog and made some pretty cool sign art.


Last updated: May 13, 2015
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