Oh, Cherries, Our Love, Holds On…

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Realistic Cherries 96 oz Glass Jar with Metal Lid

Cherries Glass Countertop Jar

Cherries decor? It’s simply cheery. Especially in the kitchen, where you would bake, oh, a cherry pie. During a time when fruits were abundant on tablecloths, aprons and canisters, cherries became uber-popular during the 1950s.

Perhaps it’s their bright, bold red color that make cherries such an appealing piece of kitchen decor. They go perfectly with the classic black and white kitchen, greens and yellows, or the country kitchen. As an accent, focal point, or an entire theme, cherries are the bomb.

Despite cherry season being in the summertime, February is National Cherry Month!

Retro trends in home decorating continue to gain popularity, and cherry-themed items are no exception. Mixing vintage style cherries with today’s modern kitchens and fashions is a cheerful way to celebrate both the simplicities of decades’ past and the tech-driven world we’ve come to accept as the norm.

Decorating with Cherries

Whether you want a truly retro look, or have a contemporary design in mind, cherries will make great splashes of color. Using premium, yet removable decals and decal sheets you can add a cherry motif to the backsplash, refrigerator or cabinets.

Cherry print towels hanging on a hook or rod, or even the oven door handle, can create an interesting detail. If you have a diner-themed kitchen, add a cherries paper towel dispenser for a unique look.

In the dining room, cherries can be used to create a bold, cheerful place, or a more elegant setting. The difference is in the style and material.


Retro Cherries Tablecloth

Spruce up the dinette set or lunch table with a vintage style cherries tablecloth.

Retro Cherries Tableware Set

This cherries table set includes a diner style napkin dispenser, a set of cherries coffee mugs, sugar pourer and creamer.

Retro Cherries Coasters

Retro cherries drink coasters add a vintage look. Use them at the dinner table or coffee table.

Retro Cherries Wall Decals

Decal sheets let you customize the look of a wall, appliances and more. Here we used a large sheet, which includes 20 decals that range in size from 5 to 12 inches.

Cherries Apron

This oilcloth apron features vintage cherries and red with white polka dots.

Mix and Match Colors and Purposes!

Cherries work well with many popular retro colors, including teals and aquas, yellows and greens. Of course, blacks and whites, including checkered patterns, will make cherries pop from countertops, walls, accessories and more.

Retro cherries make for fun fashion. Remember the silhouette cherries dresses of the ’50s? They’ve come full circle, too (you can see many of them on Pinterest). Other popular items include shopping totes, aprons and jewelry. We even found these cherry print shoes!

And with removable decals – for walls and other flat surfaces – you can turn just about anything into a tribute to the wonderful cherry. Love things bold and big? This premium 36″ wall decal is enough to make your mouth water.

If you love eating cherries, you’ll need to wait until late spring or summer to get them fresh. When you do, you’ll want to make a classic cherry pie (from scratch, of course!). You’ll find a tasty recipe right here. Until then, you may have to settle with yummy fashion and decor to celebrate your cherry love.

Don’t be afraid to “cherry-fy” things you’d never find in a store, either. We even took cherries into the office and travel!

Cherries Decals on a Mac

We applied cherries decals onto a Mac computer. They will work on laptops, too.

Cherries Decals on a Suitcase

Redecorate a vintage suitcase or train case with retro decals.



For those of you who recognized our play on words, Steve Perry’s song “Oh, Sherrie” was released in 1984.

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