Soda Pop of the Week: Old Red Eye Soda

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“Distinctly Different!”

There doesn’t seem to be very much information available regarding the Old Colony Beverages or their Old Red Eye soda. Old Red Eye was first produced in Carthage, Tennessee in the 1950’s, or earlier, and was sold to about the 60’s. It was a soft drink containing caffeine, and was probably marketed toward people in need of a quick pick-me-up. Old Colony Beverages began as an independent company and was later owned by the Orange Crush Company of Canada.

The “red eye” concept is a popular one today, with several other sodas being sold with high caffeine contents. There is a Jolt Red Eye soda available, that is loaded with caffeine, but I don’t believe this brand has anything to do with the former Old Red Eye brand. If you can shed any light on the history of this brand with the great name and striking bottlecap, please blog-in.

Old Colony Beverages
Bottled by the Orange Crush Bottling Co.
Johnson City, Tennessee

Last updated: Sep 16, 2009
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