“Old” New Route 66 Decor

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Rusted Route 66 Sign

Because rust is beautiful… This “rustified” historic Route 66 is made of 24-gauge steel (in the US).

One of the most recognizable symbols of classic Americana is the Route 66 road sign.The original Route 66 metal sign markers, made of embossed steel and enamel painted, were designed to last a lifetime. But the highway was all too soon de-certified in favor of Interstates and less scenic routes.

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The value of a true antique is difficult to speculate on. An authentic Route 66 sign is  one of those items that’s worth whatever one is willing to pay. And, history shows us, that people will pay plenty for a real part of American history. After all, Route 66 was once America’s most-traveled highway.

Over the years, historical societies and Route 66 advocates have gone so far as to place new sign markers. And, as with the original signs, they’re often stolen.

Route 66 Rustic sign

This Route US 66 Rustic Sign is painted to look like a actual rusted and shot up version of an authentic highway sign.

It was Oklahoma, by the way, that first attempted to mark the route after de-certification, but damaged and stolen signs make it difficult for tourists to stay on the right course.

From small and large state-labeled highway signs, to branded Route 66 wall decor and collectibles, The Mother Road is fondly remembered in many households, garages and businesses. These “aged” tin signs represent not just the nation’s most traveled road, but also the lasting  impression it left upon us.

Where would you hang these “damaged” Route 66 signs? I’m thinking they’d look perfect in the garage or workshop.



Last updated: Aug 04, 2012
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