1930s-1940s Orange Crush Soda Fountain Dispenser

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From our days in the restoration business comes this Adco Orange Crush soda fountain style soft drink dispenser. Produced from the mid-193os to the early ’40s, the unit was capable of blending syrup and carbonated water to make Orange Crush soda.

Orange Crush Early Soda Dispenser

The Adco Orange Crush dispenser was produced from the mid-30s to early ’40s.


This unit would have been mounted onto the counter. On the lid, serving as a handle, is the “Crushy” logo – the mascot for the soda. Crushy was a very stylized rendering of a man with his arms extended over his head while squeezing the juice from an orange.

Orange Crush Early Soda Dispenser

The back and top of the dispenser featured “Crushy”.


The original Orange Crush formula was invented by J.M. Thompson in 1906. In 1916 chemist Neal Ward  partnered with Clayton J. Howell, president and founder of the Orange Crush Bottling Company, to improve the flavor. By 1924 there were nearly 1,200 bottlers of the drink. Read more Orange Crush history…

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Last updated: Feb 15, 2010
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