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48 Ounce Montana Canister with Metal Lid

I opt for glass jars over plastic containers. They’re prettier and safer.

It’s here. January is National Get Organized Month. Okay, so it’s highly recognized by the National Association of Professional Organizers, of which I could never qualify as a member. I also don’t make New Year resolutions. Still, I’ve been inspired to get things around the house in order.

Search the web and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of organizing items—bins, drawer inserts, shelves and more. Very few of these items speak to me, because I’m not about spending a lot of dough on things that either aren’t going to be seen, or aren’t appreciated. I’d rather, for example, organize the pantry using mason jars than pricey plastic containers. But I also know that style means I’m more apt to stay organized, which is the goal after putting in all that work.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough retro style in your life, consider reworking that kitchen, laundry room or garage by adding some touches inspired by the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Glass jars, including mason jars, are great for food storage. Sure, you can’t stack them like square plastic containers, but an extra shelf or two (at the max height of each row of jars) does the trick. Glass lasts much longer, is safer for food, and the just look nicer. Metal canisters work well, too, especially for staples like flour, sugar and coffee.70s Flowers Jar Set with Aluminum Lids

Displaying staple items on the countertop? These 1970s flowers jars are so adorable and functional. Or, you could opt for enamel tins.

Square Dot ® Bulletin Board in Red

This 12″ square board is made of powder coated metal and comes with 12 powerful magnets that will hold even thick business cards and photographs.

The laundry room is where we have a giant calendar adhered to the wall with Velcro. We use it as a daily checklist. The wall in this room is also the perfect place for things like keys, coupons, receipts and quick reminders. The Square Dot Bulletin Board would be a better solution for this. Using little Mighties Magnets, plenty of things could be posted for easy access. Also available are magnetic strips, hooks and pocket folders.

Oh, and since the laundry room is typically small and void of any real decor, a tin sign here and there can really liven up this room where you typically do so much work.

Speaking of the laundry room, I finally ditched the laundry basket. It was so easy to just let folded clothes pile up until the dresser drawers were empty. Now I put everything away as I fold them, and eliminated that bulky thing.

World Class Junk Petite Cigar BoxIn every room there is some sort of “catch all” box or drawer. The junk drawer in the kitchen, an old can in the back of the closet, and a buffet drawer in the living room. Enter: metal cigar boxes. They’re stylish enough to be put on display, and sturdy enough to hold things that rattle around. I’m particularly fond of the “World Class Junk” box, but there are others designed for men as well.

The bathrooms in our house are chock full of cleaning supplies, extra towels, and lots of paper goods. The main bathroom is also where we keep a plethora of first-aid stuff, all tossed in a shoebox sized container to be pilfered through when something is desperately needed. Smart, huh?

First Aid Box with Embossed Cross

Forget a shoebox. Mount this retro First Aid Box with Embossed Cross on the wall and you’re good to go.

Remember those old first-aid boxes on the wall in the classroom or nurse’s office? Now you can mount one right at home, and have everything at your fingertips. Just be sure to put it high enough so little ones can’t get to it.

Of course, you don’t have to always use new items. Repurposing is a great way to spruce up areas with real vintage flair. Be sure to visit Retro Planet’s Pinterest board: Organizing for regular pins on this topic.

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