5 Ideas For Decorating With Large Coca-Cola Signs

Aug 27, 2018 |  Retro Staff Comments

The Problem: A big blank wall in your home or business.

The Solution: Large Coca-Cola metal signs from Retro Planet!



If you love Coca-Cola or want to add a cool retro vibe to your decor, these large metal signs are a perfect choice. Sometimes called triptychs or metal panel art, these wall decorations come in big sizes and create a single, unified image when hung side by side. They’re made in the USA using heavy-duty steel and officially licensed Coca-Cola art for a quality presentation. They’re more affordable than vintage Coca-Cola signs yet have an authentic, old-time look. Most come in “clean” and “distressed” versions, whichever suits your tastes.


160452 Clean


160453 Grunge


We offer reproductions of actual vintage Coke signs from the 1930s through 1950s, such as many variations of the Coke buttons, fishtail, pilaster signs, and the Coke traffic cop, among others. Famous Coca-Cola slogans the company has used in its ad campaigns over the years also are well represented in our large signs collection, such as “Drink Coca-Cola,” “Things Go Better with Coke,” and “Work Refreshed.” And there are plenty of famous Coca-Cola icons to choose from, such as Sprite Boy, Haddon Sundblom’s classic Santa Claus, and the Coca-Cola Girls. Metal wall art featuring these designs not only looks fantastic on its own but will blend in perfectly with any vintage or reproduction Coke decor you already have.


161042 Button

161114 Button


159220 Fishtail


160911 Pilaster



159012 Coke Cop


While they come in large sizes (some more than 10 feet!), our Coca-Cola wall art is made of multiple panels that ship together in a normal sized box – not a reinforced crate delivered by a freight truck! The individual metal signs are easy to arrange, hang, and store all by yourself. And unlike posters or canvas art, metal signs are durable and will last a lifetime.

Coke is pure Americana, and this wall decor can suit nearly any tone or decor style: shabby chic living room, modern apartment, 50s kitchen, country restaurant or bar. All you need is a big blank wall! Here are a few decorating ideas to start with:

1. To get exactly the look you want, go with personalized Coca-Cola wall art. These signs feature striking Coca-Cola artwork and can be made with any wording you choose. “Mom’s Kitchen,” “Joe’s Bar and Grill,” your company’s name or favorite slogan, whatever you want! You’ll create a truly unique piece of Coca-Cola wall decor that will suit your room perfectly.

159489 TGBWC

160754 Enjoy Stars

164785 Enjoy Wave

2. Display pop-art style signs in a modern living room or apartment. These will fit right in with a room decorated primarily with red colors and will add a vibrant contrast to a white or traditional color scheme.

3. For a Coca-Cola kitchen hack, try a large metal sign that can be customized with one of several wording options, such as Delicatessen, Sandwiches, Hot Lunch, Pizzeria, and more. If you have a white kitchen, a large red Coke button sign will add a bold splash of color. Breakfast nooks can accommodate smaller signs with diner or food themes, such as Pause Refresh Lunch or the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle.

159480 Pizzeria


4. Large metal signs with the slogans “Enjoy a Coke While You Wait” or “Ice Cold – Sold Here” are perfect for your garage or game room. Hang the signs over a workbench, stacks of tools, or your pool table.


160309 Work


5. Companies can welcome visitors in style by mounting large, 1930s deco-style Coca-Cola signs in the lobby; or decorate lunch rooms with Fountain Service or food-themed Coke signs.


163026 Drink Setting

158995 Soda Fountain


Whether in your home, business, or garage, if you have a big blank wall in need of some retro “pop,” our large Coca-Cola metal signs are just the thing!

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