Paramount Studios Lot C Large Metal Signs and Wall Decals

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Paramount Studios Filming Lot Sign


Decorating a large wall space in a home, loft, or business requires a bold statement. What could bring more graphic impact to a room than our large metal two-panel Lot C Sign?


Modern Setting


This reproduction sign is made to look just like vintage Paramount Studios movie lot doors without the huge price tag. It’s custom-made in three sizes: 32″ x 36″, 43″ x 48″ and 54″ x 60″. Because this wall art is made as two panels, it ships more cheaply and can be stored more easily. The signs are made of heavy-duty steel and have riveted holes to make for easy hanging. This design is also available in wall decals in 36″ x 40″ and 48″ x 53″ sizes. The Lot C wall decal comes as a one-piece decal.


Two-Panel LOT C Sign


This particular design has a serious vintage Hollywood pedigree, paying tribute to vintage sliding metal doors that appeared on filming lots at Paramount Studios in the 1950s. Recently, some of the original doors were spotted on high-end interior design sites selling for thousands of dollars, but now it’s possible to get the same look of old Hollywood memorabilia for less. What a great way to decorate a home theater!


Industrial Chic Sign


Both the Lot C signs and wall decals can be displayed on a wall for a dramatic look. They can also be mounted onto sliding doors (non-porous for the wall decals) to replicate the original Paramount Studios door style and to make some show-stopping room dividers that are just oozing with industrial chic.

Last updated: Sep 06, 2017
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