Retro Food and Recipes: Peach Ice Cream Soda Recipe

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This recipe is intended to be prepared at a soda fountain, but you can modify it as needed to suit your own needs at home. There are many exotic soda flavors available in the stores today. Try different flavors with this recipe, or change the fruit for something else and invent your own ice cream soda.

Peach Ice Cream Soda
1 ½ ounces crushed, fresh, canned or preserved peaches in syrup
2 scoops of peach or vanilla ice cream
Whipped cream (as garnish)
Carbonated soda water

•    Put peaches into a 14-ounce soda glass.
•    Stir into this a spoonful of ice cream or whipped cream.
•    While moving the glass with a circular motion, add a fine stream of carbonated water until the glass is ¾ full.
•    Float 2 scoops of ice cream into the carbonated mixture.
•    If the glass isn’t full, finish filling with carbonated soda water.
•    Garnish with whipped cream and top with a peach slice.

Makes 1 serving.

Last updated: Sep 07, 2009
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